Rabi procurement: Stand-off continues over direct payments to Punjab farmers

Graduation of rabi procurement is just a week away (expected April 10), but no end is in sight to the stand-off amongst the Centre and the Punjab government more than direct payments for the foodgrains procured. Ironically, no person, which include farmers who are ostensibly the beneficiaries of the direct money transfer, is happy with the shift.

The Ministry of Client Affair, Food items and General public Distribution had knowledgeable the Punjab government that DBT to farmers is necessary for the coming rabi wheat procurement time. Nevertheless, the Condition has refused to put into action it, and has sought appointment with Key Minister Narendra Modi to explore the problem and defer the plan for at least just one yr.

Arhtiyas opposed to shift

Arhtiyas, or commission agents, in Punjab are up in arms from the shift. According to them, it is aimed at destroying APMC (Agricultural Deliver Advertising and

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Maharashtra farmers want Centre to encourage pulses cultivation than import them

A area of farmers in Maharashtra feel that the Union government should really really encourage them to raise urad (black gram or black matpe) cultivation somewhat than import it.

This would support the place to become “Atmanirbhar” (self-reliant) say the farmers who have query the government’s import guidelines that could have an impact on the farming community. Their views come on the heels of studies that urad imports into the place from Myanmar could be influenced because of to unrest in the neighbouring place.

“Higher price ranges for the foodstuff things that are typical grown in the place would end result in a lot more cultivation. A lot more creation effectively implies that the government will not have to depend on imports. The trading community insists on import the minute price ranges of agriculture deliver go just earlier mentioned the MSP. The import coverage is harming farmers and farming,” says

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