Saudi Arabia Shoots Down Missiles Over Capital, Yemen Border City

DUBAI—Saudi air defenses shot down ballistic missiles fired at the country’s funds and a city along its southern border with Yemen, according to Saudi officers, who blamed Iran-backed Houthi forces in Yemen.

Residents in Riyadh read loud booms late Saturday night as Saudi defenses intercepted at least a person ballistic missile, the officers said. Saudi defenses also shot down at least a person missile fired at Jizan, a Saudi city close to Yemen, they additional.

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Covid-19 impact: State border curbs disrupt farm, food supply chain

The clampdown imposed by the Federal government in controlling the spread of the dreaded Covid-19 has thrown the agri-offer chain in a state of disarray. The agri-marketplaces have started off downing their shutters for investing things to do and are predicted to stay shut till the end of this month.

This has impacted the location investing of foodgrains and other agri-commodities in these marketplaces, wherever arrivals have thinned down with farmers hesitant to stop by the market place.

In Gujarat, most of the APMCs are shut till April two and the arrivals of seasonal commodities such as wheat, chana, coriander and mustard have come to a halt. “We ordinarily have a shutdown at APMCs from March 25 for our annual account closing, but this 12 months we have shut early from March 21 owing to the virus risk. Arrivals are suspended till April two and there will be no auctions

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