Want to Be a CFO? Consider Some Numeric Body Art

There are all types of methods to get on an upwardly cellular monitor that could culminate in a CFO appointment.

Even receiving a tattoo.

Just talk to Dave Raszeja. He’s received one on his ideal arm that sports activities the first one hundred digits of pi.

Dave Raszeja

“Getting the pi tattoo was probably one of my improved occupation moves,” suggests Raszeja, who will just take on his first CFO position on March 1 at Penn Mutual Lifestyle Insurance coverage, a $three.three billion earnings enterprise that manages some $33 billion in property.

He’d been at Penn Mutual for four yrs when, in 2005 at age 30, he donned the tattoo to memorialize his enthusiasm for mathematics. A couple yrs before he’d been enthusiastically pursuing a graduate degree in theoretical math, researching this kind of knotty topics as algebraic topology. Right after he received his degree, although, he switched his occupation

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