More money is needed for hospitals to care for COVID-19 patients, AHA and ANA tell Congress

Hospitals have to have more fiscal help to financially endure when managing clients with COVID-19, the American Medical center Association and American Nurses Association informed Property and Senate leaders in a letter released today.

The AHA and ANA are asking Congress to provide more funding to the first $one hundred billion the Coronavirus Help, Reduction, and Economic Stability Act Act invested into the General public Health and fitness and Social Companies Emergency Fund to go over service provider charges similar to COVID-19. The resources went to greater charges for personalized protective gear, greater surge potential, more health care companies and dropped income.


More income is necessary, specifically due to the fact all hospitals gained $50 billion and not the total $one hundred billion of the first CARES Act funding. The remaining $50 billion went to focused funding to target COVID-19 hot places, rural hospitals, Indian Health and

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