Day: November 2, 2020

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Again, use bold colors like reds and oranges for bold businesses. Muted colours aren’t what you need right here. Use of a variety of colours can actually be distracting. The old Apple logo contained a number of layers of color but it was redesigned to enhance its functionality in the late 1990’s.

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Within the current attention deficit society in which we reside, not forgetting of course the more difficult times; we have to move from the old transaction model of sales to an emotional interchange – make your message memorable or watch it get lost in area. Leaders have to think in another way on the best way to construct sustainable long run relationships pondering such questions as “How can I get business for my client?” The old mannequin was clearly “I sell – you pay! Thanks and have a pleasant day.” The new mannequin is “how … Read More

The Right Deduction of the Taxes in the Application

For the occurrence of the sales tax and the correct application of the tax rate, it depends on when the service has been carried out. The application of the relevant tax rate is independent of whether the entrepreneur makes his sales according to the payments received (actual taxation) or according to the agreed Remuneration (target taxation) is taxed, it is only important when the corresponding service is carried out according to sales tax regulations. The receipt of down payments or advance payments is also irrelevant for the final amount of sales tax. Go for the online tax services in this case.

For us this means:

  • For us, only the date of completion is decisive for the tax rate.
  • If your project is handed over to you and accepted by you during the period of the reduced VAT, the reduced tax rate counts both for the final invoice and retrospectively for
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