Day: August 3, 2020

In a City Built on the Slave Trade, Britain’s Oldest Black Community Seeks a Reckoning

LIVERPOOL, England—Standing on a rain-drenched boulevard in this northern English port city, Laurence Westgaph factors to an empty stone plinth that sits at the heart of Britain’s oldest Black neighborhood.

The statue that the moment stood there—of a area Liverpool dignitary with back links to the slave trade—was pulled down by protesters next riots, he states.


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Gas Finds Trigger a Standoff in the Mediterranean Between an Isolated Turkey and Rivals

The contest about newfound gas riches in the Jap Mediterranean has activated a slew of rival maritime statements, pushing the region’s main powers—all of them America’s companions or allies—toward open up confrontation.

On one aspect is a budding alliance of Greece, Israel, Cyprus and Egypt that gains from the new finds. On another is the Jap Mediterranean’s most important economic system, Turkey, which is increasingly flexing its armed forces muscle mass as it seeks to break its regional isolation.

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