Day: March 8, 2020

Fractional CFOs Provide Value to SMBs

Compared with their larger rivals, small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) have a whole host of advantages. They are nimbler, can quickly launch experiments, and can more easily build strong corporate cultures. But for all the advantages that SMBs have, they also have to cope with some weaknesses.

Some of the most glaring weaknesses are cash constraints and lack of experienced human capital. Combing these weaknesses can make it difficult to do everything from manage working capital to raising a seed or series A or B round.

Most SMB founders try to work through these challenges. They spend countless hours making up for these weaknesses, even though they are busy with the other aspects of running their businesses. But even after doing this, they often discover that they aren’t completely satisfied with the results.

This is where fractional CFOs can provide a wealth of value. Fractional CFOs provide the twin benefits

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Business schools grapple with a high turnover of deans

“I have never known anything even approaching this level of change before.” This verdict on the current “musical chairs” playing out among the deans who hold the top jobs at business schools comes from Anne Kiem, chief executive of the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

The changes are dramatic. Ms Kiem, whose organisation represents UK MBA providers, says: “In the past 12 months we have seen a third of our 120 members appoint new deans and there is a limited pool of candidates. Lots of people don’t want to move jobs and lots of faculty academics might fit the bill but do not want to take on what is a tough leadership role.”

This rapid turnover at the top of business schools, and the widening search for suitable candidates to fill leadership roles, is a global trend. In the past 12 months several longstanding deans have retired, such as Ted

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