Day: February 22, 2020

Open Manufacturing Platform Expands, Launches New Groups

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“Mastering the elaborate undertaking of making individualized quality goods demands ground breaking IT and software alternatives.”

A cross-marketplace collaborative effort to boost intelligent production knuckled down to operate thoroughly this week, with the Open Manufacturing Platform (OPM) launching operating teams and new steering group customers.

The OPM, launched in 2019 by BMW and Microsoft, operates under a Linux Foundation umbrella and hopes to assistance make source chains and marketplace operate in closer harmony, together with by means of data sharing across source chains.

This week it included the Bosch Group, automobile parts manufacturer  ZF Friedrichshafen and worldwide brewery Anheuser-Busch InBev as steering group customers and released operating teams focused to Industrial IoT reference architecture, and main solutions for ATS (autonomous transportation devices).

What is the Intention Here?

The target is to have key industrial and source chain organizations operating under the auspices of the Linux Foundation to

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